Sunday, May 3, 2015


By Michele Corbat

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  All of us have memories of a special teacher who has made a positive impact on our lives. We have memories of teachers who have left a lasting impression. For me, there are many teachers who have set a great example.  Especially my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Ash.  She was my teacher when my sister died.  The kindness and love that she showed me and my family will never be forgotten. Her husband even built a beautiful podium for the school in my sister's memory.  She would give the biggest hugs exactly when they were needed.  Another teacher that showed me how much she believed in me was my 8th and 9th grade math teacher, Mrs. Brown.  I breezed through Algebra in 8th grade and then had Mrs. Brown again for Geometry in 9th grade.  To say that Geometry did not come easy to me is an understatement. Mrs. Brown tutored me and gave me confidence to persevere through each proof (she was teaching me how to develop a growth mindset).  Without these amazing teachers, I would not be the person I am today.

My children have also been fortunate to have teachers who have made a positive impact on their lives. The elementary teachers at Morrish Elementary and Swartz Creek Middle School have wiped away their tears when they were worried about getting on the wrong bus, given them a quarter for a bag of popcorn when I forgot to send them to school with change, laughed with them as they joked about drinking diet water, let them borrow the class read aloud to read ahead (with the promise of not spilling the beans to other students), let them shine as mimes signing the lyrics to songs, made positive phone calls to me letting me know how they are a blessing to the classroom community (these calls brought tears of joy to my eyes because someone else knows just how special my boys are), and attended their sporting events to cheer them on!  The list goes on and I hope that each teacher knows that I noticed how you treated my children as if they were your own.  

To top it off, I GET TO work with educators who are living their purpose.  Teachers, administrators and support staff in Swartz Creek Community Schools who support, guide and nurture children.  I have witnessed the compassion of educators across the district who have worked together to support students who are suffering sickness or loss.  Educators who have been there to listen, inspire, and empower children. Thank you to my colleagues for believing in children and giving of yourself so freely to support them.

Don't let this week go by without letting a teacher know just how very thankful you are for the difference he or she has made.