Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Leaders and Learners Blogging for Leaders and Learners

Welcome to the Learners' Perspective. Leaders and learners blogging for leaders and learners.  We believe that a culture of learning is better than a culture of compliancy any day of the week!

The learners blogging weekly are:
Michele Corbat
Rodney Hetherton
Adam Hartley
and other special bloggers that will write from time to time.

Our posts will focus on building a culture of learning within schools and organizations.  Being compliant has its benefits, but not when it comes to educating our children.  This blog will include perspectives to help model what we call a culture of learning.  You will not see anyone settling for the sake of being compliant.

Positive deviants needed!

Enjoy and come back often.

The Learners' Perspective Team,

Michele, Rod, Adam

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